RJ Watches Goes Out of Business and Shows Why In-House is a Liability

So RJ Watches just announced that they’ve shut down. The company had a bit of a odd lineup, but they did make a few awesome watches.

Unfortunately all those watches are now worthless because the company used in-house movements. Because now, noone can repair them.

Recently, a lot of enthusiasts have really caught the in-house bug. But here is a newsflash, in-house means that your watch will only keep value is the company continues to stay in business, the second it stops, your watch goes to $0. And then you’ll wish it had an ETA or a Sellita.

With the coming economic crash, we’ll see a lot more companies go out of business, and any of them using in-house movements will face the same fate. So before you pull the trigger on that Nomos or FP Journe and get excited about getting in-house movement, think long and hard of whether or not that company will still be around 20-40-100 years from now

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