Chanel Releases the World’s First Two Tone Ceramic Watch

The Chanel J12 has always been the bastard child of luxury watches. It had a brief success when it was released but then it kinda disappeared. Well they’ve spent the last few years upgrading the watch, first by giving it the Tudor Black Bay movement and now they’ve actually managed to invent something new…the world’s first Ceramic two tone watch.

Now the look is clearly controversial, but its always nice to see some of these smaller brands actually bother inventing new things. Chanel could have just done what most luxury brands do, and just offer the same watch with a quartz movement.

The Good:
1. Tudor Black Bay movement – these are starting to appear in a lot of watches. So at least there is some claim to horology with this one. So you get 70 hours power reserve as well as COSC certification
2. New Tech, always nice when you can point to your watch and say this watch has something your watch doesn’t
3. Good size
4. Def unique style
5. Its ceramic so its pretty light

The Bad:
1. Its just ugly, looks like two face from Batman
2. At $7,000 its not exactly cheap
3. The 2,3,4 markers should have been two faced too, they just stand out too much
4. The date window is atrocious
5. The screws on the back just look cheap

Overall a cool little watch for a first attempt, but I’d wait for them to refine this design before buying one

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