Chopard L.U.C. GMT One

Most of you probably heard of Chopard. Their Mille Miglia model is pretty popular for people looking for a little diversification to their watch box. What most people don’t know is that Chopard has a premium line, called Chopard L.U.C. where watches can get really crazy.

The Chopard L.U.C. GMT One is one of their more affordable versions.

First lets go through the good:

  1. In-house movement, very nicely decorated, 60 hour power reserve, COSC certified, the whole 9 yards.
  2. Honestly I just like the design, its very well balanced, very nice hands and overall a great little package, especially the fact that it has an inner bezel so its not in your fame like the GMT Master
  3. Their straps are some of the best in the business
  4. Its not a Rolex. This is very important for any of you who want to avoid looking like sheep.
  5. Its a good size, 42mm with 12mm thick…so its not a fatty

Overall a nice piece of kit for $10,200 MSRP But as always, since there is no perfect watch, there is some bad, so lets go through that.

  1. As you can see above, the lume is outright atrocious…like this is a $10,000 watch and you don’t even get lume this bad on $1,000 microbrands.
  2. The design is a bit uneven, I would have much preferred to have the inner bezel crown be located at 10 o’clock position
  3. Finishing is a bit of a let down once you bust out the macrolens. Observe the marker by 21, just terrible.
  4. Water resistance is only 50 meters. Now on normal watches thats not an issue, but this is a GMT, the traveler watch, which means you’ll be wearing it to the pool, to the beach. And with a water resistance this low, you’ll always have the annoyance of having to think is my watch ok?
  5. Like with all Chopards, this watch falls just short of perfection. If they put 5% more effort into the watch they could have had a real home run on their hands. With this one? I’m going to go ahead and predict that you’ll probably never see one of these in the wild outside of seeing one at a boutique.

Overall a good little watch, but you know what? I’d still rather have a Rolex GMT Master

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