Benrus is Back

That’s right, the company is back. If you don’t know about Benrus, they’ve been a brand since 1921 and are one of the few actual American brands out there.

Full disclosure, before I get into this review, a Benrus was one of the first watches in my collection, so the brand has a special place in my heart. Nevertheless, I’ll try to be objective, and once you read this review, you’ll realize why I say what I say.

So here is what is happening, the brand was revived in 2015 and now an investment group took over. They are coming back with 3 watches, the Field, the Classic and the Air Chief chrono.

The Field is a 41mm Automatic with a Myota 9015 movement , 100m water resistance and a nato strap and is priced at $1,095. The Classic has the same specs and a slightly different dial layout, and sells for $1,195. Finally the Air Chief is 41mm watch with Ronda quartz movement for $895.

So with that out of the way, lets see what we have.

The Good:

  1. Reviving an iconic brand is always good.
  2. The designs remind a lot of the classic Benrus which is good, should satisfy the Vintage fans
  3. Miyota 9015 is a quality movement, so it should be fairly reliable
  4. The more American watchmaking there is, the better
  5. Open case back gives it a slightly modern look

The Bad:

  1. The price is downright bonkers. A crappy Myota for $1,200? wtf are they smoking?
  2. The quality looks downright horrible, look at the Quartz above, look at that bracelet, where it connects to the bar…talk about garbage QC. And these are the media photos…that means this is the absolute best one they could find
  3. This is a total money grab. Look at all the microbrands priced in the $1,000 range and see how much more you get there. This is a $200 watch at most.
  4. The crystal is Mineral. They didn’t even want to splurge for a Sapphire at $1,200…really?
  5. Basically this watch offers absolutely nothing to a watch enthusiast, corners were cut absolutely everywhere…now normally if you cut corners you at least should offer a good price, but that is not the case

Overall? HARD PASS. Like I wouldn’t even spend $400 for this and I say that as a vintage Benrus enthusiast. Spend your money elsewhere folks

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