Stop worrying about the ETA news

If you’ve been living under a rock, the Swiss authorities decided to ban sales of ETA movements to other brands.

But you shouldn’t worry about it, for 3 reasons:

  1. they are only banning this from bigger brands. Microbrands have too few employees, so they don’t qualify for the ban and can still get the movements.
  2. the big brands who no longer can get ETAs, will just get the Sellita movements instead. Sellita movements are pretty much the same thing. That company used to make ETA movements for ETA, so the Sellita movements are just as reliable, since deep down they are the same exact thing. This is why the ETA and Sellita movements are interchangeable.
  3. most big brands ALREADY made the switch. IWC, Hublot, Breitling and many more are all using Sellitas.

Of course there are some negatives to the move.

For one, Sellita and other smaller manufacturers are going to get overwhelmed. There are already shortages of movements, and that will only get worse as most brands just avoid the risk of dealing with ETA and just go straight to Sellita.

For two, overall prices of entry level watches will go up now. Because the lack of availability will raise the prices, since brands will need to buy the movements on the secondary market which means paying premium prices.

Overall, if you were looking to buy a watch in the entry level luxury market, I’d do that asap. Because the next few years are going to be pretty hard for that segment due to the lack of movements. There simply won’t be as many watches available to purchase.

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