Greubel Forsey GMT Sport Review

If you know watches, Greubel Forsey is the top tier. Greubel Forsey watches make Rolex look like cheap toys. But until now, Greubel Forsey never released a sport watch.

This changes now….or does it?

First of all the full name is Greubel Forsey GMT Sport. So sport is in the name….surely it’ll be a proper sport watch right? Nope. In fact Stephen Forsey, the firm’s founder specifically says that “It’s not really a sport watch”. So yeah…we are off to a great start.

Things don’t really get better from here, but first lets mention the things I do like.

The good:
1. its stunning, people will clearly recognize it everywhere you go…the attention to detail is typical of GF watches…and obviously it comes with the typical tourbillion
2. its a GMT, so you can actually use it for travel
3. its water resistant to 100 meters, which means you won’t have to take it off to go swimming in the pool
4. Its super limited, they are making only 11 of them.
5. Its $480,000 swiss francs. And yes I put this as a positive. GF watches are a typical Veblen good, where the extremely high price becomes a feature not a bug. GF watches are watches for people who don’t want to be associated with those broke Richard Mille owners

So with the good out of the way, lets look at the bad.
1. The case is absolutely massive. At 45mm wide and almost 16mm thick this is a hockey puck of a watch. That said it uses light weight materials so it doesn’t wear that heavy
2. The design is really a love it or hate it type of design. Personally for me I hate it, it feels very Dali like. Honestly something like this I’d expect from the likes of Invicta not top tier horology brand
3. The writing on the bezel is just too try hard. And honestly it feels tacky to announce on the bezel that its an exclusive watch. The watch on this price level should speak for itself….you shouldn’t need to write all that
4. The dial is way too busy. Its very hard to tell the time on this one. You need to focus on your wrist and mentally remove the /\ between 5 and 6 o’clock
5. Its fragile. A sport watch needs to be able to take at least a little bit of abuse, and this watch looks like it’ll break just from looking at it too hard.

Overall its a good looking watch, but its no sports watch….but I doubt that will matter to whatever sheik or billionaire ends up buying one of these.

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