Enough with the massive watch boxes

This is a recent trend thats been happening with watches. Bigger and bigger and bigger watch boxes. The latest offender, Omega is now offering a massive briefcase for a single watch.

NOBODY is asking for this crap. Do you want to know what happens to all those boxes? The second you get home, they get shoved in the closet never to see the light of day again. So why do the manufacturers keep doing this?

Simple, the manufacturers think you are stupid, they think you won’t appreciate the 5 figure purchase without a massive box to tell it was worth the purchase. Newsflash, if we drop this kind of money on a watch, we know exactly why we spent it.

And what exactly is there to be impressed about? First of all, those boxes cost the manufacturers peanuts. The biggest box, most likely costs less than $20 to actually make. Don’t believe me? Go to your local Home Depot or another hardware store, you’ll see plenty of massive tools selling in massive plastic cases with the total price under $100. So I don’t see why anyone would actually care.

Second of all, big boxes just look tacky. And the manufacturers insist on adding useless gimmicks. Take this Hublot Berlutti edition, the box comes with a shoe polishing kit. Oh yeah, thats exactly what I want from a $20,000 purchase…a $100 shoe polishing kit.

Just give us the damn watch, keep the box small and forget the gimmicks.

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