Undone x Monopoly Watch Review

If you haven’t heard about Undone, they are basically a microbrand that does a LOT of limited editions. Feels like there is a new one coming out every 2 weeks. Today’s release is the Monopoly edition of their watch.

It has the typical Undone 42mm case, and lots of Monopoly branding. The result is actually not that bad. I especially like the use of the lume. That said, unfortunately its a Quartz…so its going to be a non-starter for a lot of people

So lets get onto the review:

The Good:
1. Honestly this is one of the better collaborations they’ve done….it actually looks good.
2. There are two versions, one in SS and a gold plated version with a black dial.
3. The black dial actually has a unique design, so its not just the same thing in a different color.
4. The price is only $480, which is actually a pretty decent price for a fairly unique design
5. Limited edition, so a fairly unique watch

The Bad:
1. Obviously the movement, a quartz movement makes this watch a non-starter for most people.
2. The quality of these watches isn’t the greatest..not even for the price.
3. Putting patent number for the game on the dial is just stupid
4. At 13.5mm this is a fairly thick watch…guessing they wanted a bit more steel for it so it didn’t feel like a toy like most quartz watches do
5. Most of the focus is on the partnership than making an actually good watch

Overall, ok for a toy watch if you have money to burn. Also a good get if you are a fan of the monopoly game, and are too broke to buy one of the Tag Heuer Alec Monopoly watches. You can buy these on the undone website at www.undone.com

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