H. Moser & Cie Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept Aventurine Watch Review

So Moser has released a new moon phase watch, and since I happen to be a fan of the brand I figure I’ll give my two cents.

Like a lot of Mosers this one comes in a 42mm case and comes with their in-house movement…the HMC801 thats a manual wind and works at 18,000vph with a 7 day power reserve.

The dial actually uses Vantablack…its that new blackest black color that just absorbs all light, it is then dusted with some sparkly bits to represent the sky. The end product is quite cool looking.

First the good:
1. Limited to 100 pieces, 50 in Red Gold and 50 in Stainless Steel
2. In-house movement with a 7 day power reserve
3. Typical top tier finishing that we can expect from Moser
4. Moonphase only has a single day’s deviation for 1,027 years(although the chances of you actually running this thing for that long is zero considering the watch will need to be stopped when being serviced)
5. Pricing, the red gold version is $39,900 , while the stainless steel version is $35,000…so you are only paying $5K more for the precious metal making it a pretty good deal

The bad:
1. The moon disk looks cheap in some photos.
2. The black of the moon disk isn’t Vantablack, so it sticks out like a sore thumb. Def not a watch with anyone with OCD. For that matter why not add the sparkles to the moon disk too? at $40,000 this is a pretty massive oversight
3. $35,000 for the SS version is just too much. The 43mm Pioneer SS watch sells for $13K…and essentially its the same watch…hell that one even has applied markers. So essentially you are paying $20K for the moonphase upgrade. Yeah, yeah I know, it has a few other upgrades…but still very ambitious pricing.
4. The back shows “1 of 50” instead of an actual serial number. So for all you know there are 200 of these watches in existence. I absolutely hate this from any manufacturer.
5. The strap looks pretty cheap

Overall, if you are a Moser fan and have money to burn, this is a good get. If you are just getting started with the brand, save your money and buy a Pioneer for 1/3 of the price.

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