TAG Heuer Monaco 2009–2019 Limited-Edition Watch Review

I think by now everyone knows about the Tag Monaco. So I’ll keep this brief.

TAG has launched another one of their decade watches, essentially they celebrate different decades of the Monaco with a limited edition, 1969-1979, 1979-1989, 1989-1999, 1999-2009 and finally this 2009-2019 edition.

Essentially this one adds a new color combination and a special caseback.

So let’s go over the watch.

The Good:
1. Black/Red and Blue/Red are the ultimate color combinations for watches, so this is def the one to get.
2. Its an iconic watch, so can’t go wrong buying it…you’ll always find a buyer if you get bored of it
3. There are only 169 made, so its actually limited, unlike Omega’s “limited editions” where they made 7000 watches.
4. At $6,550 its actually pretty affordable
5. I absolutely love the date font on this one.

The Bad:
1. Even though this is the best color combination, this is very uninspiring for a limited edition.
2. I absolutely hate the “One of 169” on the caseback. With a serial number you know there aren’t any shenanigans, when you have “One of 169″…TAG can go ahead and make hundreds more of these knowing its impossible for anyone to tell
3. Just like all Monacos, this watch has a lot of empty space in the corners. You’d think they would have bothered to make it a bit less obvious
4. Not a fan of having the crown and pushers on the wrong side. Why?
5. Having “Sapphire Crystal” on the caseback just makes this watch feel cheap. I associate engraving such mundane details with cheap microbrands not real brands.

Overall, if you can get past the crown/pushers and you are a fan of TAG, this could be a good get. Personally, if thats the case, I feel your money would be better spent on getting LASIK…because its pretty obvious that you need it if don’t notice such a severe lack of symmetry

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