Chopard Alpine Eagle Watch Review

Chopard has been teasing this watch for a while. I’m sure you’ve all seen the ads on Instagram “The Rebirth of an Icon”…well its finally here…the Chopard Alpine Eagle…a modern reinterpretation of the Chopard St. Moritz….at least that’s what Chopard wants people to think….but anyone with a pair of eyes can clearly see this watch for what it is, another homage copy of the Royal Oak Offshore and Patek Nautilius.

So as usual, first the good:
1. New Steel…its shinier and slightly more scratch resistant.
2. Really liking the bracelet
3. All screws on the bezel are aligned evenly…cough HUBLOT cough
4. Lots of options, its launching in 36 and 41mm size and a few different colors/metals
5. Two different in-house movement, so the date window doesn’t look weird on either of them

The bad:
1. From people who’ve seen this thing in the metal, it severely underwhelms in person. Apparently the dimensions are all wrong, and this thing looks like a cheap homage and not a “real” watch.
2. The movement is a joke in this price range. Yeah its an in-house movement…whooptie doo. It only offers a 42 hour power reserve, I absolutely can’t stand in-house movements that don’t offer better performance than an ETA/Sellita…because it means the movement is nothing more than a marketing play…you are paying all that extra money, get nothing extra AND get to deal with a more unreliable movement AND much higher servicing costs. This goes double considering the price range this thing is in.
3. The date…the only watches that are allowed to have a date at 4:30 are chronographs.
4. The price. Its $10K for the 36mm version, and $13K for the 41mm version. Obviously no guy should be buying the 36mm, so for all intents and purposes its a $13K watch. But thats just starting, as you add options, you can price this thing up all the way to $45K. Charging 3K more for the same exact watch that has $25 more of steel, is an outright robbery. And $45K for a basic automatic is pretty nuts too
5. The name – Alpine Eagle? Really?

Overall a decent entry, but its playing too safe and the stigma from wearing this watch is simply not worth it at $13K. Save your money and just buy a Bell & Ross BR05…you get the same homage experience for $5K

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