Yet another Omega Bond Watch

Its that time of the year again, Omega has released yet ANOTHER Bond watch….super limited edition too…7,007 watches.

Yeah guys, 7000 watches isn’t limited, thats a massive number.

The watch itself is very tacky too, plastered all over it with James Bond family crests, mottos and a “rifled” dial.

Omega marketing needs to focus less on their moon connection and milking other franchises and try and focus more on building actually good watches.

Anyways, the good:

  1. Its a seamaster, so deep down under all the tacky bullshit, its still a decent watch.
  2. the bond fans will obviously buy it
  3. still has the coaxial 8800 movement
  4. the type of person who’ll buy this watch, won’t buy the regular version, making them more exclusive
  5. the serial number is embedded on the side of the case on a gold plate

The bad:

  1. Its sooooooooo cheesy…past Bond watches were a lot more reserved, this one is just screaming HEY THERE! THIS IS A BOND WATCH! BOND! BOND! J A M E S B O N D!
  2. Personally I think this association is hurting this brand. Its getting to the point of being tacky. With Omega you have a major luxury brand basing their entire identity on dropping a few mil on sponsoring a movie franchise. There was no actual accomplishment here, just a check being sent.
  3. If you wear one of these in public, get ready to be made fun of
  4. I still don’t like the different lume colors that this thing uses
  5. The box this thing comes in, is absolutely MASSIVE.

But if you like what you see, or just happen to be an Omega fan, you can get one of these for $6,500 from Omega.

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