Bell & Ross BR05 Review

B&R recently released this watch…this watch is an obvious money grab for the Patek Nautilius homage crowd.

The Good:
1. The bracelet looks very nice
2. The screws all align perfectly(hint, the Audemars Piguet patent just expired, so we should be seeing a lot more of this)
3. Its a decent sized addition to their line up
4. Lots of options to pick from
5. The dial looks fairly well designed, nothing really jumps out

The Bad:
1. It’s a Patek Nautilius homage, at not homage prices. Brands need to have their own DNA, this watch looks like someone was told to copy the Nautilius without beign too obvious about it. The hands are a direct copy for example.
2. Price: It starts at $4,900….that’s almost $5K for a stainless steel watch with a Sellita movement from a brand that has established itself as a $2-3K watch. This is an obvious play to try and enter the higher end market
3. Design: the dial to bezel ratio is way too big, you have too much space near the screws, making this dial look at lot smaller than it is. Because of this, on your wrist, this thing will look like a toy
4. It’s Bell & Ross, these things depreciate like a rock. There is almost zero aftermarket price support for this thing. Meaning the $5,000 you’ll drop on this piece, you’ll be lucky if you see $3,000 for one of these a year later in mint condition
5. The non-metal bracelet version looks cheap. The watch is meant to be on a bracelet and you can definitely tell that.

Overall, I’d say this is a watch you should only get if you absolutely must have it, because getting this watch is essentially you paying for Bell & Ross’s attempt to move up market. If they succeed in their move up market, it’ll be worth the price tag, but until they actually do, this is an overpriced watch.

If this tickles your fancy, you can get one at the B&R website

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