Junghans FORM A Review

This is a limited edition watch that is being made in 1000 pieces. Junghans is a bauhaus brand(similar to Nomos), where they use simple designs for their watches.

The Good:
1. Decent movement for the price(ETA2824)
2. Very thin, at just 9.5mm
3. Short lugs(huge improvement compared to the Nomos)
4 .Limited edition, so you get something fairly rare
5. Exhibition caseback is tinted, which is something fairly new

The Bad:
1. I’m sorry, but Bauhaus and a rainbow of squares isn’t that good of a fit. Plus there is really not that much difference to color between some of these, the 3 and 4 markers almost look identical
2. The watch looks like a Daniel Wellington but with an automatic
3. Sapphire Crystal isn’t some new amazing technology, so I don’t see why they need to advertise it on the watch
4. Not a fan of the bracelet
5. Cost cutting is evident in the fact that the exhibition caseback crystal is mineral not sapphire.

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