Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Review

AP just released a new Royal Oak Offshore, so figured I’d share my thoughts. Disclaimer, I owned a 8 Royal Oaks so far(2 regular, 4 42mm Offshores and 2 44mm offshores)…so I might be a TAD biased.

Anyways, the changes are pretty big, its thinner(12.8mm vs 14.5mm of the old one), it gets a new calibre(2385 vs the old 3126/3840), the hands were skeletonized and best of all the price remained unchanged. So lets pick it apart…shall we?

The Good:
1. Thinner is always better. 12.8mm makes this almost as thin as a Daytona. The AP thickness has always been a cause for concern for people, so this is a good development. Personally for me, the thickness has always been a negative, so this is a welcome change.
2. New caliber, the old caliber was essentially an ETA with a Dubois Depraz chronograph module, the new is a lot more AP.
3. Its not limited edition, as we all know AP loves their limited editions, but in my opinion standard colors like Blue should be always available
4. Case back is a lot nicer decorated than the outgoing model
5. The new dial pattern is much nicer.

The Bad:
1. This should have had the 4400 caliber movement. I know AP needs a reason for people to buy that monstrosity that is the Code 11:59…but this is a clear case of a manufacturer intentionally making a worse product to support another product.
2. Date Window. The 4:30 date window is a crime against humanity. They never look good, because they always look like an after thought and it really hurts the readability. “ok we finished, good job all around…wait…wait…oh crap we forgot the date! well just stick it in that 4:30 slot and call it a day”
3. The 100 meter water resistance on a sport watch is a joke. This isn’t 1960s folks, plus its not like AP doesn’t have the tech…they could just as easily make this watch have a proper 200 meter dive rating.
4. The hands are just horrible, really cheapens the watch. I’d expect this from Invicta…but not AP(well maybe some super limited edition, def not mainline)
5. Closed caseback….so you spend $27K for a watch, mostly because of the movement, and you don’t even get to see the movement? All that work, all that craftsmanship and then you hide it? Yet again, one more example of a brand knee capping a watch to get people to shell out a few grand more for the version with the exhibition case back.

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