Breguet Marine 5517 Review

This is a watch from one of the heavy weights of the watch world. But I gotta say this one is pretty meh overall.

So lets get this over with.

The Good:
1. Loving that crown
2. Loving the side of the case
3. The movement is an inhouse 777A with 55 hours of power reserve.
4. The bracelet is very nice, just look at those screws in the center links
5. The sunburst dial is truly next level

The Bad:
1. Those hour markers with roman numerals are atrocious…nothing high end about those
2. The hour/minute hands are just horrible
3. Price is a bit of a big ask at almost $20K
4. The “1340” on the dial is just out of place. I know its in reference to the Lemania 1340 movement, but putting that there, would make most uninformed people think Breguet has been around since 1340
5. The date window just looks cheap

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