Unimatic U1 Review

This one I actually got to handle in person, since a friend bought one.

The Good:
1. It has a pretty unique design language
2. It has a very good dive rating(300 meters)
3. It wears pretty well on your wrist, although its a tad light
4. The lume is pretty decent
5. It has a conversion chart on the back.

The Bad:
1. The movement….it uses a NH35 movement. Which is a fine movement in $50 watches…but this thing is more than $600…at this price range you need to at least offer a Miyota
2. The fit and finish on this thing was pretty meh. It looks fine in photos, but the quality in person is just meh.
3. The name just screams “Cheap”
4. The 6 o’clock marker is retarded…WHY?
5. The glare on this thing is atrocious, it does have a single layer AR, but they must have used a single layer or something because it might as well not be there.

If you don’t have eyes, and actually like this, you can buy one here.

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