Spinnaker Wreck Review

Saw these advertised on Instagram, so I looked into them.

The Good:
1. Its quite affordable…only $280
2. Its automatic
3. Good bezel
4. 4 options to pick from
5. Pretty decent decoration on a watch this cheap

The Bad:
1. The whole aged look is played out. I feel like I’ll get tetnus just from looking at this watch
2. Lume could be better…if you are going for the vintage look, why not use vintage lume too?
3. The dial is unbalanced, 9 and 6 just look out of place
4. The name is terrible
5. “All stainless steel”…as opposed to only 70% stainless steel? Just feels like it was placed there because they didn’t know what else to put there.

If you have your tetanus shots updated, you can get yours on their site

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