Code 41 X41 Review

This is a very interesting watch. Code 41 essentially was making cheap disposable watches. Then they just stepped their game up, and this is the result.

The Good:
1. The case design is very futuristic
2. This was developed as a community project
3. Custom movement by Timeless Manufacturer
4. Good size
5. Very good value for the price.

The Bad:
1. Based on the design, I can just tell it would be a bitch to keep clean
2. New movement, means its unproven…so you are paying $4K and taking a risk on reliability
3. Some of the finish appears to be fairly cheap
4. Not really all that legible
5. Brand has some pretty negative association, its like buying a hypercar from Kia

If you have $4K burning a hole in your pocket, their site can be found here

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