Filippo Loreti Chronus Review

I keep seeing these ads on my instagram, so figured I’d give it a review.

The Good:
1. Its cheap
2. Its yellow
3. the strap appears to be attached to the watch
4. It has a nicely designed screw down case back
5. Its a limited edition

The Bad:
1. This is a cheap chinese made watch with a crap movement. Based on all the components, its a $20 watch that is being sold for hundreds of dollars.
2. Not a real sapphire crystal, just a mineral crystal coated with sapphire dust, meaning it’ll be in no way shape of form durable
3. “10 Years Certificate of Authenticity” – so after 10 years the watch will no longer be authentic?
4. ” Luminous hour and minute hands” – this lume is garbage. No where close to Super Luminova
5. Its quartz, for this kind of money you should be getting an automatic.

Overall: Meh, buy a Seiko SKX007 instead, you get way more watch for your money and real watch enthusiasts won’t make fun of you.

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