Ultramarine Morse GMT Review

Came across this watch and just had to cover it this week.

The Good:
1. The design is absolutely stunning. Everything just works
2. Unique Date wheel…this is a massive thing that lot of companies overlook. They even have their own font.
3. IOES – this is HUGE. Most companies use “Swiss Made” which made they need to have at least 60% of components be swiss made. This leads to companies that use Chinese cases, hands, and everything else with only the movement being Swiss, and because the movement ends up being a large part of the total price, they can offer a Chinese watch and still call it Swiss. IOES gose beyond that, IOES means this watch is 100% Swiss Made, which is extremely rare…even Omega isn’t IOES certified.
4. The caseback isn’t just engraved, the text is actually prominent
5. Eterna movement, not just another ETA/Sellita

The Bad:
1. The font of the dial numbers is a bit too modern.
2. The 3914A on the dial is unnecessary…yes they should be proud of that movement, but that should be on the caseback not the front
3. The screws on the caseback need to be better aligned
4. For such a nice movement, I think they should have spent a few more bucks on decorating it. Blued screws would really take this watch to perfection
5. The name is a little silly. Ultra is a word thats usually reserved for cheap watches.

If you like what you see, their site can be found here

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