Tockr Skytrain Review

I keep seeing this watch on Instagram, so figured I’d give it a quick review.

Tockr is an American brand and they make watches with the flight theme. The skytrain is one of their cheaper models.

The Good:
1. The second hand with the plane on it is interesting
2. It has an ETA movement
3. I like the engine blueprint on the caseback
4. The blue color is very nice.
5. Overall its a very balanced watch

The Bad:
1. AR coating looks a little weak, no mention of it, but I’m guessing its a single AR coat
2. There are minute markers appearing twice, both on the chapter ring and on the dial
3. The dial 12 marker has the same indicator as the rest of the watch. That will 100% drive you nuts
4. The crown has very limited grooves, so I’d imagine it’d be hard to actually operate
5. I absolutely hate watch companies that need to spell out on the case that its a stainless steel 316L watch. How many non 316L stainless steel watches have you seen?

If you like what you see, you can get it for $1,200 from the tockr website.

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