Xeric Invertor Review

This is an interesting one. Xeric has this thing with thinking outside of the box, and this one is no different. As you can see from the photo, the movement is reversed, with the rotor facing the dial instead of the back.

The good:
1. Obviously the movement module, def not something you see, especially in this price range ($699)
2. Unique case, reminds me a lot of the MB&F diver
3. Lume…the watch is very nicely lumed
4. Good leather(horween)
5. Lots of options to pick from

The bad:
1. The movement. You go through all this trouble and you still keep it a Myota? Come on, at least offer a Sellita and spend a few bucks on decorating it…it could have been way more of a watch
2. If this is like all the other Xerics, it looks nice in pictures, but feels like a toy in person.
3. Lugless design…I wish more companies would realize that this never looks good.
4. Legibility, with the movement taking up the center of the dial, it makes it extremely hard to see whats going on.
5. Movement module raises questions of reliability. I think this is a good watch if you can throw away $700 and can treat it as a toy…otherwise I’d pass on this one.

If you want to get one, you can get it at the xeric site.

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