Panerai Luminor Review

Let me start off this review by saying I like Panerai, in fact I had a few over the years: PAM111, PAM113, PAM177, PAM183, PAM292, PAM382, PAM512

So with that in mind, lets review the Luminors.

The good:
1. The selection is amazing, you have a whole bunch of options to pick from.
2. Its one of the best brands if you like to change up straps
3. It has a very recognizable design, when you wear a PAM, people know you are wearing one
4. Its one of the best for lume, lume is a factor of layers and size. With PAM you have nice massive markers, which means PAM outperforms a lot of brands for lume.
5. The new Duo line, offers the PAM in a more standard size.

The bad:
1. These watches are a scratch magnet. They are so polished that you can’t help but scratch them.
2. They had a few controversies over the years. i.e. the Brooklyn Bridge version…a closed case back watch, where they didn’t bother to do the usual Panerai decoration since they figured noone would actually see it. Well, people paying $5K for a watch…tend to want to know that they don’t have the same $20 looking movement that people get in cheaper watches.
3. They do seem to be falling out favor. 10 years ago, these were some of the most popular watches out there. Recently, people just simply stopped buying them.
4. This is one of the most faked watches out there, right up there next to the Submariner. If someone sees this watch, most likely they’ll be assuming you are wearing a fake.
5. They need more colors. Essentially this is the Henry Ford approach…you can have any color you want…as long as its black. They only have a couple of watches with white/blue/green dials…the rest are all black which can be a little annoying if you are a collector.

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