Nomos Tangente Review

Now Nomos is a brand a lot of people don’t know. But its been getting a lot of play lately. Its a german brand, and their whole thing is bauhaus…which in the watch world essentially translates to simple watches that have a nice movement to them. The Tangente(and Tangomat) are dress watches in the ~$3,000 range.

The Good Stuff:
1. The finishing is superb.
2. These come with in-house movements
3. Its considered to be a connoisseur brand
4. Lots of sizes to pick from
5. Lots of colors to pick from.

The Bad Stuff:
1. This watch isn’t the original, Nomos basically copied an old design. In fact, if you want the same exact looking watch without an in-house movement, you can get a Stowa Antea for thousands less.
2. The movement is more of a marketing ploy. Yes its in-house, but the specs are no better than the ETAs and to me if a watch maker releases a movement that really doesn’t do anything different from the ETA, then whats the point? Why add the complication of an unreliable in-house movement if you get zero benefit?
3. The case is way too simple. To most people, this will just look like a Daniel Wellington copy.
4. The lugs are way too long for a watch this small. They make it look like a much bigger watch, which goes against the whole dress part of the watch
5. It uses a snapdown caseback. To me, these make the watch look extremely cheap, because the implication is that you are supposed to throw the watch out instead of actually fixing it. Just a personal pet peeve of mine.

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