Rolex Submariner Review 116610

Had to make an article on the Submariner, after all , when the vast majority of people think luxury watch, this is the one that always comes up.

The Good Stuff
1. THE luxury watch….this a watch you never have to explain, people just understand
2. Super reliable movement, that will last for decades
3. 904L Steel – pretty much a Rolex exclusive steel, that shines a tad brighter than the regular 316L steel
4. Perfectly fits on any wrist
5. Great Rolex lume

The Bad Stuff
1. Everyone has one. Go into any restaurant and you’ll see a dozen of these. With 3 of them on the wrist of the waiters. These have a bit of a reputation. And since Rolex makes millions of watches every year, its hardly all that exclusive.
2. Limited supply. Getting these is impossible without paying a premium. And they really aren’t THAT good of watches to justify paying more than MSRP for one and to have to deal with the AD bullshit.
3. No AR coating. Its great if you want to flag down a rescue plane, its horrible if you want to actually see what time it is.
4. Too many fakes and homages. This is the most faked watch on the planet, and pretty much every brand on the planet has a Rolex Submariner copy.
5. The caseback has absolutely nothing on it. It just looks cheap and unfinished. Compare this to a seamaster that has an actual decoration on the caseback.

Overall, this is a nobrainer watch, that pretty much every collector should own at least once in their collecting life.

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