Hublot Classic Fusion Review

The Hublot classic fusion is an interesting watch. I actually happen to be a fan of Hublot, I owned a Hublot Big Bang and now own a Hublot Big Bang Evolution. But since Hublot is one of the biggest brands to offer perks, the number of actual critical reviews is almost non-existent, noone wants to lose access to that brand. Lucky for you, I don’t want access, so I can speak my mind.

The Good Stuff:
1. Say what you will, it is a very unique design language. Yeah, yeah, the AP guys will bitch and moan how its a copy of the Royal Oak, but putting screws on a bezel is hardly that groundbreaking.
2. It looks the part of an expensive watch, everything is good, the fit and finish is good, it has good weight…and no surprise, it is a pretty big player in the watch world
3. Options, options, options. The good thing about Hublot is that there is a Hublot for anyone, they put out so many editions, that no matter your taste, you can find one for you. You can pick different metals, different dials, etc…tons of options.
4. Nice straps, Hublot makes some of the better straps in the industry.
5. Sizing, with this watch you have plenty of options to fit any wrist.

The Bad Stuff:
1. Overpriced. A Sellita movement is fine in a $3,000 watch. It’s also fine in a $4,000 watch. At $5,000 it starts being a bit of a big ask. But Hublot is asking almost $8,000 for a basic Classic Fusion. And you can get that same movement in a $38,000 gold solid gold on bracelet Hublot. Thats just nuts to me. Hublot is a big player in the watch world, they build their in-house movements, there is no reason the Classic Fusion shouldn’t have an in-house movement.
2. Screws. Every single Hublot doesn’t have the screws aligned properly. The result makes the watch look downright cheap, like you bought a cheap replica where the 10 year old slave who built it didn’t bother to align the screws properly.
3. Crap water resistance. This thing only has a 50 meter water resistance…in a SPORT watch. For those of you who aren’t aware…50 meter water resistance doesn’t mean you can dive down to 50 meters. 50 meter water resistance, means you can at most take this in the shower…if you are extra careful. Completely unacceptable in a sport watch.
4. No screw down crown. Come on Hublot, at this price point a screw down crown should be a given…ESPECIALLY when the design doesn’t have crown guards and when you call this thing a sport watch.
5. The stigma. If you buy this watch, get ready to defend buying this thing at every opportunity. All the watch guys will crap on you on wasting your money and buying what is essentially a fashion watch. So before you buy this, be absolutely certain you are in love with it.

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