Hegid Watches Review

Hegid is an interesting brand, they created a plug and play system for their watches, where you can just swap out different components fairly easily, just twist the center part out, and it pops out, and you can then replace the bezel, case, straps whatever, allowing for maximum customization.

The good:
1. Obviously the changing system is the biggest pro for this watch.
2. Offers for some unique case designs and allows you to change up your watch size fairly easily(i.e. this one you can swap out between 42 and 38mm)
3. The caseback is fairly stylish and its an exhibition caseback to boot. Usually casebacks are fairly boring, so its a nice change of pace.
4. Trusted SW200 movement, which is fairly standard for watches in this price point.
5. The quality does look like its there(at least based on the photos)

The bad:
1. The designs are pretty meh. Dials are boring, and the cases are pretty ugly.
2. This is basically adult legos, and I just don’t see people changing things up all that much. When it comes to watches, most people just grab and go, you really won’t be standing there to swap out a case. Its like those easy strap swap systems, when was the last time you actually swapped the strap out on a whim?
3. Pricing, this adds up very quickly, I can appreciate a company doing their thing, but to charge this much for an SW200, you’d need to offer a lot more than just a plug and play system.
4. Its french. If it was swiss made, it would have been worth the premium, but a french brand simply doesn’t have the same level of respect in the industry to be asking these prices
5. There are a lot of companies that do something similar, at lower prices. Egard watches, offers a similar thing for about 1/20th of the price. Yes, they use a cheaper movement, and are chinese made. But this lego watch blocks thing is more or less a gimmick, so I think it makes sense to screw around with the cheap version before you spend the big bucks on the Hegid.

Prices start at around €2,800 which is a tad pricey, but thats always the case whenever a company offers something fairly unique and the finishing does look like its there. So if you like what you see, and you have 3 grand burning a hole in your pocket, you can get one at hegid.com

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