Why start this website?

This website was created from the frustration with the coverage of the watch industry.

This industry is way too incestuous. Every outlet is tainted. The coverage is nothing more than republishing of press releases.

I mean, ask yourself this, when was the last time you read a critical review of a watch on the mainstream sites? When was the last time a reviewer actually bothered to say anything negative about a watch?

Sure, I get it. If you say anything negative, you lose access: no more watches in your mail box, no more free trips to Switzerland, no more gifts, no more ladyboys in your hotel room and no more thousands of dollars in “ad spends”…that’s not journalism…that’s pay to play. Hell, a lot of these blogs will skip the bullshit, and straight up charge the brands money to post. The going rate appears to be $2000-$2500 per post(nice). And to make the incestuous nature even more obvious, they then go ahead and work with these brands to release branded watches. Newsflash, if a blog works with a brand to make watches, they aren’t journalists, they are business partners, and you can pretty much ignore any coverage they make of that brand from that point on.

This type of coverage goes against every journalistic standard there is.

So with this blog I’ll be doing something different. For every watch I review, I’ll give you top 5 positive things I like about it and top 5 negative things I hate about it. Why 5? This will be the last bastion of unbiased opinion in the watch industry.

To stay unbiased…I’ll be doing a few things different. I will not take free watches from these companies. I will not attend any of their trips. I will not sell advertising with this site(this site will be supported but good old adsense). And I will not communicate with these brands directly(because if you do, chances are you’ll like like the person and won’t want to hurt their feelings). These reviews will be completely untainted. I will judge every piece by its worth in metal, and not let anything else bias me in any way.

Now, to get this out of the way, this is one man’s opinion, I will be brash, I will be “mean” and I will make spelling errors. I will judge these watches not just on the specs but on style as well. If its ugly, I’ll tell you its ugly. If its a bad bang for your buck, I’ll tell you to save your money. If features are nothing more than marketing BS, I’ll call it out as such.

This site is aimed at people, trying to decide on a watch who don’t need to just hear the good before making a decision to buy a 4-5 figure watch, this is a site aimed at people who want to know the negatives as well so they can make an INFORMED decision.

P.S. This site is in no way, shape or form a full time job for me. As such, I’ll post on my own schedule.

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